3D Printing Solid Mobius Strips

  • Travis Wert University of Notre Dame
  • Danielle Brake University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire


Mobius strips are parameterized explicitly by two variables, and have no thickness.  However, surfaces with no thickness cannot be 3D-printed without additional post-processing to the discretization.  Hence, we want equations for a naturally printable algebraic approximation of a Mobius strip that has thickness, referred to throughout as a solid Mobius surface.  In this paper, we (re-)derive these algebraic equations, demonstrate Matlab code generating solid Mobius surfaces with an arbitrary number of twists, and use Numerical Algebraic Geometry to compute a smoothed numerical cellular decomposition of the objects.  We conclude with 3D-printed results.

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WERT, Travis; BRAKE, Danielle. 3D Printing Solid Mobius Strips. Minnesota Journal of Undergraduate Mathematics, [S.l.], v. 5, n. 1, july 2019. ISSN 2378-5810. Available at: <https://mjum.math.umn.edu/index.php/mjum/article/view/62>. Date accessed: 25 sep. 2020.