Minnesota Journal of Undergraduate Mathematics

The Minnesota Journal of Undergraduate Mathematics focuses on original mathematical research done primarily by undergraduate researchers in all areas of mathematics and its applications. 

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Faculty may be involved in the research and writing, through advising, mentoring, editing, and being a coauthor, but the majority of the original work and writing must be completed by students.

Students must have completed the research while undergraduates, although they do not need to be undergraduates at the time of submission. Each paper must be sponsored by a sponsor familiar with the work who will write a letter of support. Normally the sponsor would be a faculty member who supervised the research, but it could be any professional mathematician who has discussed the work with the student, and given feedback about the results and the writing.

Part of our mission is to mentor undergraduates about the publication process. Submissions should be made by the students, not the sponsors. The editors will communicate with the students and will often provide more informal feedback than other journals. Although many of the articles are refereed by faculty around the country, we also give graduate students a chance to review articles and learn about that aspect of the process.

Articles will be published as they are accepted, with each volume corresponding to a calendar year.  Find more information about the journal on the About page, including:

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